Our most important job is to satisfy  our customers needs


M.E.L offers a wide range of UHV - components like CF-, KF-, ISO-components( flanges, fittings valves , feedthroughs etc. pp.)

This is to support our customer with knowledge,experience and service in HV-. and UHV applications. 

Manipulators are also offered by M.E.L. These manipulators are well known in the market and appreciated by our customer due to the reliability and ruggedness of these prodcuts.  

Other products for HV-and UHV applications are surface analysis systems like scanning-tunneling-microscopes and Kelvin Probes. These offers include the technical support at any time the customer needs it.


Another part of our business is to offer process - and tool - developing of chemical treatments for customer in the semiconductor-, MEMS/MST- and photovoltaic market.


 MEL developed and owns international patents and pending patents for methods and tools since M.E.L. started his business. M.E.L. knows about the importance of innovations and intents to improve  further progresses of these  innovations   








attn.: Wolfgang Coenen, Dipl.Ing. 

Managing Director

Dr.Ruckert Str. 3E

D-28865 Lilienthal

phone: +49-4298-699 390

fax:+49-322 223 490 83

e-mail: wolfgangcoenen@aol.com 






















Multi Cha
Multi Channel Fully Automated Wet Etching system McFawes
Manipulator ZA4512
UHV manipulators
scanning -tunneling-microscope
Atm Kelvin probes
CF flanges
UHV-leak valve