optimized high-performance  

variable UHV leak valve 


The cutting edge of leake valve applications



MEL offers a  UHV-leak valve that guarantees  precise and high reproducable leak rate adjustments.

Please have a look onto the key points of this leak valve 



1.The diaphragm made of stainless steel, gold plated cannot be dammaged due to overloading as seen on common availabve leak valves with a sapphire seat

2. The dead volume is kept as small as possible. There is no narrowing before or after the valve seat.

3. A directly actuator adjusts the sealing force in very high resolution

4. Diaphragm, valve seat and all involved parts cannot be damaged or affected by common methods

5. A heating cratridge is availabe as an option. It heat where it is necessary: Very close to the valve seat.


Other important issues are:

1.easy to motorize
2. motorized, computer controllable
3 easy to maintain and to service
4. bakeable up to 450 °C
5.for applications needing temperatures more up to 350 °C during
6.no sapphire
7.low maintainance cost
8.quick change of the sealing element
9.less expensive sealing element
10.due direct motion of the sealing drive small hysteresis
11.due directdrive high reproducibility
12.if required operation-temperature fixable above ambient temperature
13.leak range
14.easy to operate
15.inline UHV leak valves available
16.small dimensions
17.few spare parts


Important is that this leak valve can also be used for HV applications as we offer other connecting flanges like KF-, ISO-, VCR- connectors on request.

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motorized leak valve
motorized UHV leak valve with heater- and motor controller
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 UHV leak valve with heater controller
UHV leak valve with heater controller
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